Do you trust the bottled water manufacturers? Where do you think their water come from? Whether their source are from underground, spring or even municipal water supply, the process of bottling water is similar what we do daily at home : filter water, boil or sterilize, bottled and label. Many bottled water manufacturers also uses the process of reverse osmosis to filter their water.


While bottled water may be convenient and available widely in store, it is expensive and does not necessary be safe and clean for human consumption. We basically have no idea how the water was filtered, tested and bottled, and whether the water treatment technique or procedure comply with local municipal standard.


Now you no longer needs to queue at supermarkets for these expensive bottled water, we our reverse osmosis water drinking system you can have clean and safe water right from your house water tap. Unlike bottled water which you rely on others to guarantee the filter process, you can now ensure the quality of water yourself right at home.