The contaminants below are commonly found in natural drinking water. Drinking contaminated water may cause poisoning and in long term consumption may cause cancer to our body.

Inorganic Contaminants Health Effects
Arsenic Chronic poisoning, skin cancer, lung cancer, bladder cancer, kidney problem, nervous system toxicity.
Asbestos Lung cancer, colon cancer, stomach cancer.
Barium Gastrointestinal disturbances, muscular weakness, high blood pressure.
Berylium Inflammation of the lungs, damage to lungs and bones.
Cadmium Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle cramps, salivation, sensory disturbances, liver injury, convulsions, shock and renal failure, Kidney, liver, bone and blood damage.
Chlorine* Colon cancer, bladder cancer, rectal cancer.
Chromium Skin irritation, ulceration, liver cancer, kidney circulatory and nerve tissues.
Copper Liver, kidney damage.
Cryptosporidium Gastrointestinal illness.
Cyanide Rapid breathing, tremors, thyroid effects, nerve damage and other neurological effects.
Fluoride Affect skeletal tissues.
Lead Interference with red blood cell chemistry, delays in normal physical and mental development in babies and young children, deficits in, hearing, and learning abilities of children, high blood pressure.
Mercury Kidney failure.
Nitrate/Nitrite Shortness of breath, blueness of skin, hemorrhaging of the spleen.
Radium Bone cancer.
Radon Cancer.
Selenium Hair, finger/toe nail changes, damage to nervous system, damage to liver and kidney tissue.
Thallium Gastrointestinal irritation, changes in blood chemistry, damage to liver, kidney, intestinal and testicular tissues, hair loss.

* Chlorine is widely to treat drinking water to reduce the risk of infectious disease through water consumption. Chlorination destroys all animal and microbial life in the water. It is a major factor in the reduction in the mortality rates associated with waterborne pathogen. Our reverse osmosis drinking water system removes chlorine from water.

Volatile Organic Contaminants Health Effects
Benzene Temporary nervous system disorders, immune system depression, anemia, chromosome aberrations, cancer.
Carbon Tetrachloride Liver cancer, kidney failure.
Chlorobenzene Liver, kidney and central nervous system damage.
Ortho-dichlorobenzene Nervous system, liver, kidneys and blood cells.
Ethylbenzene Liver failure, kidneys problem, central nervous system and eye problem.
Styrene Depression, loss of concentration, liver cancer.
Trichloroethane Kidney disorders, liver cancer.
Toluene Tremors, impairment of speech, problem with hearing, vision, memory and coordination, liver and kidney damage.

Cognitive abilities and coordination problem, damage to liver and kidneys.

Organic Contaminants Health Effects
Bacteria Various illnesses, intestine infections, dysentery, hepatitis, typhoid fever, cholera.
Viruses Various disease such as hepatitis A, acute epidemic gastroenteritis, intestine infection, upper respiratory tract infection.

Note:  The above information was compiled for general information purpose only, it does not intend to suggest the definite presence of contaminants in your drinking water. To identify the presence of contaminants, send water samples to a accredited water test laboratory.