Countertop Smart RO System
Easy installation, just plug & drink, convenient, easy to use, easy to maintain. LCD display to tell if the filter needs to be replaced.

This Is Your Dream System
If you want to have fresh, clean water, whenever you need it, right in your kitchen. This is your dream system. It is the finest drinking water system designed to fit into any space and any kitchen. Easy installation, just plug & drink. Perfect for your office, apartments, condominiums, motor homes and retirement homes.

If you are looking for the perfect countertop RO system. This is your clear choice. It was designed to provide top quality drinking water for your customers who can't or don't want to install an under sink RO system. Its unique design make installation easier and operation more reliable.

The Most User-Friendly RO System Ever Designed !
We are the world leaders in water purification products providing pure water systems for home, office, medical and industrial applications. We are very proud of this bottled water system. Individual sanitary quick-change cartridges make maintenance easier than ever with no tools, no mess and no technician.


     Complete 5 stage reverse osmosis water filter system

     Build-in high capacity booster pump

     Extremely versatile RO system

     Easy installation, just plug & drink 

     LED indicator ( Power / Work / Empty / Full )

     Auto shut-off when no feed water come in

     Versatile /Portable water storage tank fits any water cooler

     Best Water Cooler Companion 

     Wide Application: Home / Office / Outdoor / Motor Home / Boat

Cartridge Filters  details
Technical Specifications  details
Multi-Function Tank
Separately design for water storage tank and system. You can take the tank away to anywhere you need.